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5th international Conference Innovative Aircraft Seating 2014

Germany, Hamburg

As the global trends toward CO2 reduction and resource efficiency increase, so too does the importance of lightweight materials in aviation. Rising fuel costs per seat represent the greatest driver in searching for innovative lightweight structures: despite significant improvements in airframes, engines and lighter-weight interior components, fuel costs, as a percentage of overall fleet operating costs, continue to rise.

Rising fuel prices have become the dominant cost factor for airline operations, accounting for one-third or more of operating costs. By 2022, fuel could make up 50% or more of fleet operating costs.

As we enter a new age of aviation, it is clear that the industry is focused on finding new and exciting ways of using lightweight materials. However, the use of lightweight structures must also be feasible and purchasing, implementation, operational, and after-usage aspects must also be considered. In times of increasingly longer flight distances and the struggle to achieve differentiation between airplanes, comfort cannot be sacrificed. Additionally, the development of stricter environmental regulations and customers’ environmental concerns highlight the importance of strategies for disposal and re-cycling of used lightweight materials.

IQPC’s 1st International Conference “Innovative Aircraft Cabin Composites and Lightweight Materials” will bring together stakeholders from along the value chain to ensure maximum knowledge transfer and professional exchange.

The event will take place on 27-29 October 2014, Radisson BLU Hotel, Hamburg Airport, Hamburg, Germany.