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Aircraft Composites & Lightweight Materials

Germany, Dorint Kongresshotel Düsseldorf

Finding new and exciting ways of using lightweight materials is an industry challenge. This is particularly true when considering that "new" and "exiting" are not the relevant criteria when choosing suitable materials. Lightweight structures must be feasible. All new fabrication processes developed must proof to be fully reproducible and able to maintain tight tolerances and high safety standards. Additionally, the development of stricter environmental regulations and customers’  environmental concerns, highlight the importance of strategies for disposal and re-cycling of used lightweight materials.

At the Aircraft Composites and Lightweight Materials Conference at the beginning of December you will have the chance to meet experts and exchange with like-minded peers to:

  • Learn about new lightweight aircraft designs and innovative approaches of weight saving through function integration
  • Benefit from in-depth analyses of advanced material properties, material mix, thermoplastics, core technologies among other and new technologies for mass production for aircraft applications
  • Discover solutions to lower maintenance and repair costs and increase corrosion resistance, fatigue strength and fracture toughness
  • Identify new scrap disposition and recycling capabilities
  • Hear about lightweight solutions for in-flight aircraft noise reduction and increase passenger comfort