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United Kingdom, LONDON

What if we could make composites with fibres, matrix and core of the same material?

Combining different materials, such as fibres, resin and foam core, can make a composite material with better properties than the constituents. But the result is more difficult to recycle.

The properties of an individual thermoplastic can be varied significantly depending on how it is processed. For example they can be moulded as solid or hollow parts or extruded as sheets or profiles. They can be drawn into fibres where alignment of the polymer chains greatly increases strength in one dimension, or if woven into a fabric, in two dimensions. Thermoplastic foams or honeycombs can be used as lightweight sandwich core materials to stiffen a panel.

This event will showcase recent research into exploiting the properties of thermoplastics to create "composites" from a single polymer or two similar polymers, resulting in products that are easily recycled.

There are potential applications for these materials in numerous products, especially where low weight, toughness and recyclability are important. Successful applications to date include:

-       suitcases
-       personal protective equipment, e.g. vests, helmets
-       automotive interiors parts and bumpers
-       Plastiki - 60ft catamaran
-       sports goods, e.g. shin guards, kite boards

Who should attend:

-       product designers interested in high performance recyclable materials
-       academics working / interested in this field
-       manufacturers / materials suppliers
-       funding organisations / investors interesting in helping commercialise technologies

Optional Tour:
There will be an opportunity to see the polymer processing facilities at Nanoforce at the end of the programme.

The event will also include a Group Brainstorming time to focus on potent

This event will take place the 17th April 2012 in Nanoforce Technology Ltd, Joseph Priestley Building, Queen Mary, University of London, Mile End Road, London E1 4NS.