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AMI Composites Virtual Summit


AMI's composites conferences have gone virtual.

Tooling for Composites, Composites in Rail, Composites in Marine and Composite Testing & Analysis have been combined to create the Composites Virtual Summit. Four days of online knowledge sharing and discussion that will bring together stakeholders from across the composites industry.

This virtual conference will allow participants to learn about new developments in testing and tooling and applications for the rail and marine industry.


  • Monday 19 October – Tooling for Composites
    With increased adoption of composites in high-performance industries, there is a need to ensure tools have higher accuracy, reduced costs, faster processes and a longer lifespan. We will look at the latest advancements to improve tooling and end products.
  • Tuesday 20 October – Composites in Rail
    Representatives across the entire supply chain, including leading OEMs join the programme to discuss the future for rail, and how composites can provide an end to end solution for the industry.
  • Wednesday 21 October – Composites in Marine
    Using case studies and cross-industry knowledge, speakers from across the supply chain will evaluate and discuss the challenges and opportunities for composite materials used in marine applications. 
  • Thursday 22 October – Composite Testing & Analysis
    Experts across the industry will discuss the latest testing and analysis techniques for both thermoplastic and thermoset composites. The scope of the programme will cover materials, products, case studies, regulations and more.

This event will take place online on 19-22 October 2020.