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Automotive Composites

Germany, Bonn

Plastics reinforced with carbon fibre (CFRP), glass or natural fibres are seen as the key technology to reduce energy consumption. Especially with CFRP there are wide opportunities, most promising in their performance.

The big challenge at the moment is to bring the material into volume production and reduce costs to come to automation, efficient processing technologies and shorter cycle times.

The variety and specialty of composites makes them not only demanding but also interesting versatility applicable. While simulation, testing and developments go on, appearing challenges and innovative applications shall be discussed at this year´s conference about automotive composites.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • New processes to reduce costs and save time to get CFRP into mass production
  • Automotive CFRP: Repair or replace? Innovative techniques for recycling
  • Challenges of the carbon fibre market
  • Bio and natural fibre composites: environmental and economical benefits
  • Cross-industry solutions and benefit from their expertise in the field of composites
  • Solutions in simulating material behaviour to shorten development times and reduce costs when implementing new materials

The event will take place on the 02 - 04 December, 2013, at the Hilton Bonn Hotel, Bonn, in Germany.