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Bio-based Global Summit 2014


Bio-based Global Summit 2014
Belgium, Brussels

European Plastics News is pleased to announce a new two day conference Bio-based Global Summit, taking place in Brussels on the 9th & 10th of September. The Bio-based Global Summit will assist decision – makers from the bio chemical, plastic, polymer and packaging markets get to grips with the real potential and viability of the bio economy. 

There are exciting and very feasible bio-based material applications in the packaging, automotive, consumer electronics and fibres markets demonstrating superior functionality and performance.
The conference will showcase these applications and fully explore the vision, demand and needs of the end user.

Some of the key questions to be answered at this year’s conference are, how do global retailers, the construction and consumer electronics sectors plan to use bio based materials in the future? What are their limitations and draw backs and how can industry improve performance to best fit future applications?

The programme features well-known industry leaders from across the bio chemical, plastic, polymer and packaging markets encompassing speakers from Ford, The Coca Cola Company, BASF and many more exploring the following themes and topics:

  • Economic prospects of the bioeconomy
  • The bioeconomy environment in Europe
  • Demand opportunity: Automotive, Consumer products, Packaging
  • Capability, sustainability and security of supply of feedstock’s
  • Commercialisation of bio-based products
  • New economy bioplastics
  • Novel unsaturated polyester resin incorporating biomass derivatives
  • Legislative framework & certification challenges
  • Development laboratories, innovative technology, production plants
  • Bioeconomy in action
  • Strengths and weaknesses of using bioplastic materials
  • Green investment funds available
  • Bio fuels

The event will take place on the 9-10 September 2014, in Brussels, Belgium.