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Germany, Cologne

BiobasedWorld will live up to its name and showcase the whole world of bioeconomy from the door of the biorefinery to the final product on the supermarket shelf. BiobasedWorld is not specialized or restricted to a certain market sector, but will bring together experts from all fields to exchange ideas and generate new synergies.

The core theme of the show is industrial biotechnology along with everything which is closely related to the industry including biorefineries, biopolymers, biogas, bio-based lubricants, fuels and materials as well as algae technology. BiobasedWorld is targeted at exhibitors along the entire value-add chain including researchers whose ideas are still at the development stage, start-ups that are currently in the market entry phase and companies which already have established products in the market. The event presents a cross-section spanning numerous branches of industry which play a role in the transition from the oil-based to the bio-based economy. The spectrum ranges from process development and machine manufacturing to bio-based product marketing.

The event will take place on 15-16 February 2017, in Cologne, Germany.