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BiPoCo 2014

Hungary, Visegrád

The 2nd International Conference on Bio-Based Polymers and Composites will be organized in Visegrád, Hungary on 24-28 August, 2014.

The upcoming international conference is a four-day event aimed to initiate discussion on the theory and practice of bio-based raw materials, polymers and reinforcements, as well as on their blends and composites, including advanced biomaterials for life science applications. Please, visit the website for regularly updated information on BiPoCo 2014.

The environmental awareness of the society is increasing continuously, and already became an important factor in the development of new materials and technologies. The tendency is recognized also by the European community, which supports a considerable number of projects in order to accelerate the development of materials satisfying public demand. Three such projects, Biostruct, Forbioplast and Woody, with overlapping scopes focused on the valorization of forest derived resources for the production of biobased products like polymers, additives and composites with natural reinforcements for various applications including agriculture, automotive, construction, electronics and packaging. The management of the three projects decided to join forces to organize the BiPoCo 2012 conference in order to create a possibility to disseminate their results and to increase the efficiency of their research and development by exchanging ideas with leading experts in the field. The meeting took place in May 27-31, 2012 in Siófok, Hungary with 234 registered participants. The following week a meeting was organized at the same place on smart, nanostructured systems for controlled molecular release and biological interfaces (AMSALS 2012) with the attendance of 131 scientists. Both conferences were quite successful and the response of the attendants so positive that we decided to organize a conference in two years’ time by merging the relevant topics of the two meetings. The decision resulted in the organization of Bipoco 2014 in Visegrád, Hungary in August 2014.

Main topics of the conference

  • Stimuli-responsive nanostructured systems
  • Biomaterials for life science applications
  • Biopolymers and their blends
  • Natural polymers and their modification
  • Biocomposites
  • Other raw materials and polymers based on natural resources
  • Biodegradation, composting, environmental issues
  • Processing and application