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Carbon Fiber R&D workshop

United States, Buffalo, New York, United States

The Carbon Fiber R&D Workshop, is an opportunity to network and share insights on the latest development efforts in this growing market.  This workshop is hosted by Harper and will bring together leaders from the US and abroad from academia, industry, and the public sector for a program on the future of Carbon Fiber research from the perspective of material development, process technology, and export control considerations. On display will be Harper’s complete Carbon Fiber Microline research system, the world’s most flexible and highly tailored system, designed to support the unique needs of research and development efforts.

Representatives from the following organizations are currently registered to attend from around the world, including companies from the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Belgium, Sweden, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Thailand, Korea, China, Japan, Brazil, Turkey, Russia and India.

Different technical sessions will be held on following subjets:

  • New approach to carbon fiber – multi-functional nanocomposites
  • Lignin based carbon nanofibre
  • Critical oxidation oven designs to enable research system goals
  • Past, present, and future of CFRP composites
  • Long fiber and continuous carbon fiber thermoplastic composites
  • Moving towards mass application of carbon fiber reinforced polymers in automotive
  • Carbon fiber from rayon precursors
  • Industry trends in high modulus fiber and uht technology
  • Lignocellulosic-based carbon fibers from biofuel production wastes
  • Carbon nanofibers and graphene for the corrosion protection of steel
  • A pathway to accelerating low cost carbon fiber – ORNL’s carbon fiber technology facility
  • Focus on data management & instrumentation in research systems to drive successful scale up
  • R&D on low-cost carbon fiber composites for energy applications
  • Fiber spinning and continuous carbonization research and development laboratory at Georgia Tech
  • Molecular engineering and production of SAF
  • Carbon fibers from mesophase pitch: processing and properties
  • Export control compliance best practices for your carbon fiber r&d program
  • Low cost, bio-renewable precursor fibers from lignin/polylactide (PLA) blends & graft copolymers for carbon fiber production
  • Multicomponent fiber extrusion technology applied to precursors


This event will take place on July 25th-26th in Buffalo, New York, USA.