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Carbontech 2020 - 5th International Carbon Materials Conference and Exhibition

China, Shanghai

The global carbon fiber market has been dominated by Japanese and American companies. But as Chinese companies catch up and attack themselves, this pattern is quietly changing. 

Benefiting from the promotion of policies and the rapid development of the industry, China's carbon fiber companies have sprung up in recent years, accounting for nearly 70% of the world's total, while the overall production capacity has ranked third in the world. However, at present, the international giants still have a large lead in core technology, forming two advantages in product performance and cost control. How should Chinese carbon fiber companies learn international advanced technology? 

How should international giants carry out industrial layout and planning in China? Based on this, the 5th International Carbon Materials Conference & Exposition has a section on Carbon Fiber & Composites. The section will focus on innovative technologies and advanced equipment in the carbon fiber & composites, a broad market, and breakthroughs in traditional new applications.

This event will take place on 17-20 November 2020 in Shanghai, China.