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China Aeronautical Materials and Process Summit (CAMPS)

China, Beijing

A recent forecast shows from 2014 to 2033, China will need more than 5,300 new passenger aircraft and freighters at a total market value of US$820 billion. This represents 17% of the world total demand for over 31,000 new aircraft during the next 20 years. Of significance to the composites industry, airlines are expected to purchase increasing numbers of single-aisle and large twin-aisle aircraft. Despite the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC) received 400 more orders for the C919 aircraft, it brings wide market for china-made narrow/wide body aircraft interiors, more attention will be put on Chinese market. Factors such as the increase in demand for cabin customization to enhance passenger comfort, together with increasing passenger growth rates, are boosting the cabin interior market worldwide. Airlines are making effort to make better connection with passengers for great onboard experience and revenue improvements. In sum, tremendous opportunities are opening for those who can offer advanced design and processing solutions for the new generation of commercial aircraft and those seats suppliers, materials suppliers of cabin layout, gallery suppliers, manufacturers, etc.

Traditional materials such as aluminum, titanium, and advanced composites, while versatile, typically come with a weight penalty. More than ever, reducing weight to improve fuel efficiency and increase load carrying capability is critical to the bottom line of any aircraft operator. The solutions based natural fiber composites for the aircraft industry are subject to strict requirements mainly related to safety (fire resistance), mechanical performance and weight.

The event will take place on 24-26 November 2015, in Beijing, China.