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Composites Design and Analysis

United States, St Louis

Composites Design and Analysis, 2-Day Seminar, will be held in April 5-6, 2011 · Marriott St. Louis Airport Hotel · St. Louis, Missouri.

This SAMPE seminar delivers in-depth advanced composites materials design, failure analysis and impact/repair technologies information.
Whether you're new to the field or require a refresher, this course is guaranteed to provide a better understanding of design and analysis concepts and the marketplace.
Space is limited. This course has sold out in the past. Register by March 18, 2011 to guarantee a seat.

Course Concepts:
Understand composite design ground rules
Recognize Micromechanics basics, limits
Learn Laminate Plate Theory (LPT) basics
Tools for material trade studies, optimization
Why there are "Special Laminates"
Failure criteria - what works, what's needed
PC codes, FEA codes, availability, limits
General "design guidelines"
Joint design considerations
Manufacturing aspects that impact design
Composites "damage" testing, assessment
Repair approaches, accept-reject criteria
View the full syllabus here .
Register and get course details online, or contact Priscilla -; +1.626.331.0616, ext. 610.