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Composites durability workshop 19

United States, Stanford

Composite materials and structures are being used in ever expanding scope. This workshop hopes to include issues of supporting this expansion so innovations can rapidly be transitioned to end-users with confidence, durability and manufacturability.

Advances that can simplify design allowable generation and certification will be proposed by representatives of Stanford, Wichita and other universities, end users, and FAA.

The principles of invariants, plus time-temperature superposition and multi-scale simulations can collapse nearly all carbon/polymer composites to master plies and with scaling one single test will suffice for each material system in tapes, fabrics or braids. Help in using tools and templates for one master ply will be available during and after workshop. Recent advances in C-Ply on manufacturing and pioneering research topics will also be presented.

This event will take place on July 27-29, 2014 at the department of aeronautics and astronautics, Stanford University, California, USA.