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Composites Executive Forum

United States, Annapolis

This Composites Executive Forum provides executive-level composite professionals a forum to learn more about industry topics and valuable insights about current high-level trends, needs, and the future of the composites industry.

It will not only provide attendees with trends, economics, and market development information, it will also provide information from ways to improve leadership skills, recognize and grow talent within your organization, and cyber security issues executives in our industry should be thinking about.

ACMA's Composites Executive Forum is a one-of-a-kind event that promises topnotch education, ample networking, and opportunities exclusive Annapolis destination, in Maryland and the surrounding Naval Academy.

Participants will meet leaders from the United States Navy along with other topical experts and the USNA (United States Naval Academy) department heads for tours of their material science and engineering labs where composites materials a part of the curriculum.

This conference will provide: 

  • A look at mega trends affecting manufacturers, including national security, economic and cultural issues, well being and health, generational trends, etc.
  • Leading economists and market research experts as they provide strategic insights to executives and delve into micro trends affecting our industry, including lightweighting, workforce issues, and more.
  • Government and University representatives discussing issues, challenges – and opportunities -- with workforce development.
  • Panel discussions from OEMs and government leaders on how composite materials can be the material of choice.
  • A view of the political landscape in this unprecedented election year.
  • A global view of recycling and sustainability issues for our industry – and insights on how to turn recycling into a business.
  • A discussion on the business opportunities being identified by the many industry consortia groups now in existence.
  • Plenty of networking with other composites industry business owners and senior executives at two breakfasts and lunches, and a reception and dinner - all included with your registration rate.

This event will take place on 9-11 June 2019 in Annapolis, Maryland, USA.