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Composites & Materials Seminar with Digimat

United Kingdom, Coventry

The aim of this seminar is to learn how to accurately predict the behavior of multi-phases material such as short/long fiber reinforced plastics, laminate, UD, woven composites and improve the fidelity of composite structural analysis.

At the event, participants will learn how to:

  • Investigate and predict the behavior of a large mix of composite material
  • Tackle the influence of processing in the final performances of a composite part
  • Predict failure, fatigue and creep properties of a composite structure
  • Design and manufacture innovative high-performance composite parts to maintain leadership
  • Minimize the weight, cost and time-to-market optimal composite industrial parts
  • Learn capabilities of Digimat 5.0.1 and Digimat RP, the new GUI guided workflow tool for coupled analysis

Fiber reinforced plastics (FRP) and laminated composites are widely used in the automotive, aircraft, and consumer product industries for their superior strength, stiffness and lightweight. Accurate prediction of material properties, however, is important for optimizing ply lay-up or fiber distribution. Before model composite structures, manufacturers need to design the laminate and understand the material behavior based on constituent materials, and their distribution and orientation. Successful analyses require integration of data from multiple sources, which could include test, simulations to understand strand orientation, and residual stress results.

This event will take place on April 3rd in Coventry, United Kingdom.