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Composites UK : Composites 4.0

United Kingdom, Coventry

Industry 4.0 - the 4th industrial revolution - is a “smart factory” initiative that drives the use of cyber-physical systems, Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, cloud based and cognitive computing to create virtual copies of the physical environment, intelligently monitor and control physical processes and delivering industrially focussed decision support systems to enhance productivity and efficiency across a broad range of industrial and business processes.

This conference addresses the question of how the composites sector can identify and implement Industry 4.0 systems, covering topics such as (but not limited to):

  • Intelligent automation
  • Digitised product development & Virtual manufacturing
  • Embedded sensors & Vision systems
  • Local / remote connectivity
  • IoT concepts and industrial applications
  • Remote maintenance
  • Data integrity & Cyber security
  • Cloud development, data mining and analytics
  • AI techniques and implementation

This event will take place on June 4 2019 in Coventry, United Kingdom.