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Composites without borders

Russia, Moscow

This event is a unique opportunity to refine competence in engineering, development and manufacturing technology of carbon fiber raw materials, semi-finished products and composite end parts.

One of the main goals of the conference is to identify the new potential areas of application beyond traditional industry boarders as well as to establish and strengthen business contacts, find opportunities for your business and potential benefits. International conference “Composites Without Borders” covers two sections:

  1. Composites in different industries and manufacturing technologies
  2. Composite materials in construction area

The agenda will also have a workshop on the application of composites in racing cars.

Among our guests and speakers are, international specialists and experts in the respective areas of composites applications, federal and local government authorities, top managers and technical experts of the leading Russian and foreign composite producers, representatives of industrial material engineering institutes and engineering centers, young innovators, applications-oriented students. “Composites Without Borders” is intended to be a major annual event in Russia’s composites industry.

The event will take place on 31 October - 2 November 2013, in Moscow, Russia, as part of Moscow’s Open  Innovations Forum and Exhibition. The conference is organized by the Dow Chemical Company and Composite  Holding Company.