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Italy, Carrara

Compotec is the first exhibition in Italy entirely dedicated to research, production, making up and technologies of composite materials.
It's a new and unique event in the Italian trade fair panorama: its target is to bring together universities, research institutes, industries, organizations and media in a three days event in order to present the composite technologies, processes and developments.

The exhibition, at its fourth edition, has registered the presence of 125 exhibitors covering a surface of 5,000 sqmt.
From the registered 7,086 visitors during the three days of the event, the 6% of the total was represented by foreign visitors from all over the world, with a strong participation from Europe especially form France, Switzerland, Great Britain and Germany, becoming in this way a focal event both for Europe and for the Mediterranean countries.

Over the past years composite materials envisaged a constant development and a technological growth spreading in many different industrial fields. Born as special materials with top performances in the aeronautical and military fields, now they are used in a number of applications such as aeronautical, automotive, marine, construction, medical and many others. Thanks to the high ductility of the material it is possible now to create complex and innovative projects that were impossible to perform few years ago.

Italy is the second producer of composite materials in Europe and Compotec  aims to represent the whole industrial sector of the fibre reinforced materials, becoming in this way the ideal setting where to show your own products, to meet the other sector industries  in order to promote the growth of different technical know-how.

Producers, distributors, importers of raw materials, fibers, machinery, tools, service and processing companies.
Associations, Universites, Research Centers, technical press.
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End users of composites materials in different fields such as: Aeronautics, marine, automotive, mass transport, building, energy, medical, leisure and sport, design and many more.


  • Technical experts, research and development managers, designers, engineers, consultants.
  • Decision makers working in different business fields.
  • Producers, importers and distributors of raw materials, machinery and finished products.
  • Journalists of both technical and general press, web media.


The event will take place the 6-8 February 2013 in Carrara, Italy.