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Compotec 2015

Italy, Marina di Carrara

Compotec 7° edition of the International Exhibition Composites Technologies and Advanced Materials takes place from the 4th until the 6th of February 2015 in Marina di Carrara, Italy simultaneously with Seatec, the International Fair Technologies Subcontracting and Design for the Marine industry.

Compotec is the first exhibition in Italy totally dedicated to the composites industry and has the aim of gathering producers and distributors of different industries as well as universities,  institutions and associations involved in the sector.

In all, Seatec, Compotec and Yare recorded the participation of 458 brands (+4% compared to 2013), including 163 foreign over a total area of about 21,000 square metres in three exhibition halls. The number of visitors totalled 8,346 (+10.5% compared to the previous year), including 8% from abroad, again showing an increase of 3%.

The Exhibition addresses all industrial sectors using composites from the marine industry to aerospace, defense, automotive, aeronautic, transportation, house-building, medical, sport, design and more.