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CON-EX 2012

Japan, Tokyo

The 57th FRP Conference & Exhibition, will take place the 13-14 September 2012 in Tokyo. It is a good reflection of the trends of the Japanese composite market these past few years. This annual event organised by the Japan Reinforced Plastics Society (JRPS) welcomed between 150 and 200 composite professionals this year. Frédéric Reux, JEC Media Director & Editor-in-Chief, will led a conference entitled “Worldwide composite market - Main trends of the composite industry”.


Other than the quality of the conferences, the high technical level of the subjects discussed highlighted the specificity of the market. The most represented sectors were transport (automotive and rolling stock) and building & construction. The first sector is booming while the second is producing considerable volumes.

The topical cross-disciplinary issue of recycling was discussed at great length.


CON-EX 2012 will be held from the 13 to the 14 September 2012, in the Takushoku Universtity, Bunkyo Campus, in Tokyo, Japan.