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Conference on innovative design and production of composites

Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Thecomposite materials marketis boomingandis composed of manysegmentswhich may present opportunitiesfor your business.Manyindustriesare nowinterestedin moving from "traditional"materialstocomposite materials.

These very
specific materialsare often usedfor their lightnessandrigidityinan effort toreplace metallicmaterials indifferent industrial sectors.From amechanical point of view,however, theirdevelopment and productionis complex.

specialists in thesematerialswill offerareview of the differentpossibilities of usingcomposites inthe context of3D printing,additive manufacturingandmass customisationduring this conference.

The conference will be in french, on following subjects:

  • Conception orientée Additive Manufacturing
  • La fabrication additive, l’ecodesign et le projet FRED
  • La conception paramétrique et le prototypage rapide

This event will take place duringGreaterRegion BusinessDays2013, in Luxembourg, the 13th June, from 14h30 to 18h