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Eolica Brasil

Brazil, Sao Paulo

Eolica Brasil Small Wind is the 1st Brazilian Expo & Conference for the Small Wind Energy Industry, which will take place from 17 to 19 July  2013 in San Paolo in conjunction with the 2nd edition of Enersolar+ Brasil and Greenergy & Biogas Brasil.


Brazil is the best location to install stand-alone or grid-connected Small Wind Turbine (SWTs) power plants in order to take advantage of the huge wind resources of the country, where many areas are ideally suited for small wind applications and have not yet been exploited. Due to the incomplete and some how obsolete grid systems, and considering the great extension of the Brazial territory, small wind systems have a huge potential in supplying off-grid and mini-grid electricity to the local farms, small villages and residences.


The world trend of small wind industry has shown an annual growth of 35% increase in global installed capacity for the past years.


The high growth of the Brazilian market, which involves 200 million potential consumers in all sectors of the economy, is a great opportunity to develop new potential markets for SWTs producers from all over the world.


In fact, after the energy crisis in Brazil in 2002, Law 10,438, which created the Incentive Program for Alternative Sources of electricity (PROINFA), was approved. Within this program, dealerships are requested to buy electricity from renewable sources (small hydro, wind and biomass). The regulation of this law provides the purchase of electricity from renewable sources, insured by a 20-year term contract (as a concession) from Eletrobrás - the national Brazilian electric utility company - of 3,300 MW from renewable energy delivered to the National Grid at a tariff established by the Ministry of Mines and Energy.


The event will take place the 17-19 July 2013, in Sao Paulo, Brasil.