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EuroCarbody 2012

Germany, Bad Nauheim

14th Global Car Body Benchmarking Conference

From 16th to 18th October, EuroCarBody 2012, the 14th Global Car Body Benchmarking Conference, once again offers the most important forum for defining and discussing the state of the art in modern series car body engineering. The international elite of automotive car body engineers meets again in Bad Nauheim to examine the development, performance and production processes for car bodies of new series models planned for the European market.

In Bad Nauheim, newest series car bodies, representing the current model year, will be explained to the industry specialists in 50-minute presentations given by OEM engineers directly involved in their planning and realisation. Development, material and production concepts of the car bodies will be introduced in detail. Results presented will then be discussed with the speakers directly at the body-in-white. All car bodies thus presented will be available for viewing during the entire conference.

As part of the conference documents, the participants will be provided again with the standardised benchmark data for all car bodies displayed, with standardised tabular information including weights, parts, materials, joining technology and key production performance figures.

EuroCarBody Awards
Unique to the EuroCarBody: The OEM Expert Board and the entire international expert audience of the conference decide, with their expert vote, on the winners of this year's EuroCarBody awards, the highest accolade worldwide in car body engineering.