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European Alliance for SMC/BMC 2nd Sustainability Conference

Belgium, Brussels, Belgium

Organized for the second year, the Challenges & Opportunities for a Sustainable Future Conference provides the best opportunity to tackle the sustainability of the SMC/BMC industry within the value chain. The Conference will showcase expert knowledge to evaluate and understand the needs of the SMC/BMC value chain to bring sustainability to the next level.

Set up in a professional environment, the two days conference programme brings together speakers who will be covering sustainability from various angles, pinpoint challenges & identity opportunities for the industry.

Main topics:

  • The sustainability status quo of the SMC/BMC industry: a European view
  • EU environmental legislation and business competitiveness
  • Understanding the challenges of SMC/BMC value chain: reducing the gap between perception & market demand
  • Benchmarking sustainability and identifying opportunities
  • Measuring sustainability for the SMC/BMC sector

This event will take place in Brussels, Belgium, from September 5th to 6th.