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Netherlands, Wageningen

Twinning between China and Europe on Fibre Crops innovation and business development

In the framework of the FIBRA project a China-EU twinning event is organized in Wageningen, The Netherlands, on 30-31 October 2013.

Coordinators of fibre crops R&D and related innovative projects and networks are invited to present and discuss the latest developments on Science and technology for Innovation of fibre crop use in Europe and China.

The following themes will be included in separated sessions: genetics and genomics, fibre crops agronomy, logistics, processing, products, markets, socio-economic issues and environment sustainability.

The following topics are included in the twinning event:

  • The production chains of common bast fibre crops of commercial interest for China and EU (e.g.Flax, Hemp, and Kenaf, Ramie, possibly Nettle)
  • Competitiveness with other fibre crop production systems (bamboo viscose, cotton, jute),
  • Innovation for (nano)-cellulose and cellulose derivatives
  • Biorefinery, by-products valorization (short fibre, oilseeds, shives), bio pulping Marketing and market diversification (e.g. in textiles, non-woven, paper and pulp, composites, board sand panels)
  • Search for new fibre crops and suitable agro-food residues for cellulose fibre application development
  • Environmental impact reduction of existing production systems
  • LCA (life cycle assessment) and certification
  • Database formation, ICT data management and stakeholder accessibility

At the event, dedicated sessions will be organized for the participants to meet and get to Know each other. The exchange of information by oral presentations and poster sessions on the various topics of interest will be combined with an interactive program for defining new cooperative projects. Besides the scientific exchange program, supporting industries will display their products and innovations at booths at the venue.

Industry involvement is foreseen herein the match making and partnering events. These Matchmaking events will be organized according thematic programming.