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The Fifth International Conference «Plastics in Automotive Industry 2013»

Russia, Moscow

Inventra has a pleasure of inviting you to the Fifth International «Plastics in Automotive Industry 2013» Conference.

There are new opportunities opening up in Russia for existing suppliers of auto components and for localization of new global manufacturers. This is caused by the continuous growth of Russian automotive market and new stricter provisions of industrial assembly for international OEMs.   

In the current situation, second-tier Russian suppliers are facing certain risks. Foreign 'molders' are already replacing traditional local companies, as they follow the example of first-tier suppliers and enter the Russian market.   

However, the main obstacle for localization in the Russian automotive industry remains to be the shortage of quality polymers in Russia, and the high cost of imported raw materials and ready-made compounds.   

The main goals of this year’s convention are to consolidate the requirements of all car makers and to identify the most problematic items in the Russian plastics product line; to find solutions to these problems by building a constructive dialogue between converters and suppliers of plastics; to expand international cooperation in the automotive industry and to attract foreign investors for establishing new joint ventures.   

Topics of the «Plastics in Automotive Industry 2013» Conference by groups:

Raw materials supply for production of automotive components:

- What is the consumption volume of composites in various elements of the car (interior, exterior)?
- Is it possible to get the local producers of plastics involved in the international network of suppliers?
- Do raw materials produced in Russia meet the standards set out by international manufacturers of components?

Automotive components market:

- How the industry will be reshaped after the import duties for car components are reduced and the new players enter the market?
- What is the future demand for car components – produced in Russia vs. imported?
- Are foreign molders looking into localization?

Automobile market:

- What are the main trends in HCV and LCV segments?
- What are the plans of OEMs in view of forthcoming changes in industrial assembly regime, and taking into account Russia's accession to the WTO?
- Will the car recycling tax help level the positions of Russian car makers and importers?

Inventra invites all the top managers of automotive market to get involved in discussions of the industry future. We are delighted to welcome producers and importers of composite materials and additives, manufacturers and suppliers of automotive components, representatives of global car makers, and all the parties involved in automotive production in Russia and interested in the further development of the industry.

This event take place on May 16th in Moscow, Russia.