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Franco-British Symposium on Composite Materials

United Kingdom, London

As leaders in the field of composites, there are numerous opportunities for collaborations between French and British organisations within the European research area. With the increased focus on composites in both France and the UK, it is timely to kick-start and/or reinforce the links between the two countries.

Objectives of this event are to:

  • Bring together stakeholders from the composites industry in both the public and private sectors of France and the UK
  • Learn about the research, technology translation and industrial challenges in both countries
  • Share views about supply chain issues in composites
  • Identify synergies and explore the possibilities for bilateral cooperation with a view to creating Franco-British leadership in bidding for European projects

This event is only uppon invitation. People interested are invited to fill this form.

This event will take place in London, April 28-29, 2015.