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FRP Composites in Sport

United Kingdom, Birmingham

The sports industry is one of the biggest consumers of FRP composites, based on carbon, glass and more recently natural fibres. Improvements in performance, through light weight and stiffness characteristics have led to a growing consumer-led market. Golf club shafts were one of the first to take advantage of the lightweight benefits of carbon fibre, sail and surfboards were some of the first to utilise composite sandwich structures, snow sports have created some of the best tooling in the industry, and biking continues to push the limits of weight reduction. The advent of prosthetic limbs in Paralympic events has led to ethical questions being raised by some on their appropriate use.


This 1-day event takes a look at how composites are changing sports equipment for the better, constantly pushing the boundaries, and in particular how they will be utilised in the upcoming 2012 London Olympic games.



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