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Global Solar Summit

Italy, Milan

The global solar industry is facing a tumultuous phase as market consolidation has profoundly impacted the sector with weaker players being pushed out of business. In the upcoming months many challenges will need to be addressed by the solar community at worldwide scale.

The first edition of the Global Solar Summit will strive to answer those challenges by bringing together Industry leaders and decision makers with the purpose of helping drive the solar energy sector forward.

The Global Solar Summit is the annual conference of the Global Solar Alliance, a breakthrough initiative started by leading exhibitions in Europe, China and North America that aims to spread awareness, information and advocacy while promoting solar energy as a mainstream solution for a low-carbon economy.

The Global Solar Summit represents the ideal meeting point for professionals, executives, analysts and institutional representatives engaging in the solar sector at global level. The event will offer key market insights while analyzing trends and variables in order to provide solar industry leaders with effective business-intelligence tools.

This event take place on 8-9 May in Milan, Italy.