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HeteroNanoCarb 2013

Spain, Barcelona

Recently significant advances have been developed in nano-carbon materials (nanotubes, graphene, nanodiamonds, fullerenes, nanoporous), not only in terms of fundamental/basic studies but also in technological applications. Following the steady growth and maturity of the field of nano-carbon research, which now includes a significant industrial input, it becomes essential for sub-groups or communities to be organized around particular scientific challenges. Under this context, the inclusion of dopants and/or surface modification to these pure carbon materials opens the possibility of tuning their properties (electronic, optoelectronic) and in some cases in a controlled way. In addition, other layered inorganic materials, in particular boron nitride, WS2, MoS2 will be also covered.

The activity of this research field is very high and involves multidisciplinary areas as chemistry, physics, materials science, and other prominent ones as biology and medicine due to the functional aspects of these nanomaterials. Thus, the impact of these researches covers a significant number of potential applications as improved (bio)sensors, interconnectors (electronic), optoelectronic devices.

This conference will provide a forum for researchers, scientists, and engineers from different countries worldwide who are actively involved in the research on issues to disseminate their latest research results and development achievements. In addition to the exciting scientific and technological themes, the conference offers a platform to promote and encourage interaction among researchers for collaboration. The program will consist of a combination of invited, contributed oral, and poster presentations.


Program outline:
- Synthesis of pure and doped carbon-based nanomaterials (graphene, nanotubes, nanodiamonds, fullerenes) and heteroatomic lones (BN, WS2, MoS2)
- Growth/formation mechanisms of these nanomaterials
- Advanced characterization/spectroscopic studies (Raman, EELS, TEM, XPS, STS & other technics)
- Spectroscopic (Raman, EELS, STS, IR) studies of these nano-objects
- Composite and hybrid carbon-based nanomaterials
- Nanoporous carbon materials (synthesis, applications)
- Transport, electronic, optoelectronic properties
- Mechanical, chemical and electromechanical properties of these nano-systems
- Functionalization, surface modification, and chemistry of nanomaterials
- Processing and Applications
- Multiscale modeling and computation in the above areas


This event take place on 22-27 September in Barcelona, Spain.