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ICERP 2013


ICERP 2013
India, Mumbai

ICERP 2013, the 6th Mega event of the Indian Composites industry organized by FRP Institute will be held on on 4th to 6th April, 2013 at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai.

Why to participate in ICERP 2013?
ICERP event has grown from a small beginning in 2002 to become one of the biggest composites exhibition and conference in India and the second largest in Asia. It as been recognized by global composites fraternity as one of the important composites event in the world. This achievement was possible mainly because of the continued support and encouragement received from Indian composites industry as well as from the global players. To enter, explore and get benefited from the Indian composites market, participation in ICERP 2013 is the simple and easiest route.

Participate as an Exhibitor
ICERP event has become a launching pad for global players to enter into Indian composites market.  For Indian companies ICERP 2013 would be right platform to showcase their capabilities for getting new customers, to make new business contacts, explore export opportunities, create brand value, update knowledge, to learn the latest trends, etc. Another important aspect is, such an event is taking place only once in two years and this is the right time to utilize ICERP 2013 event to increase market share, maintain leadership and achieve the set targets.

India will continue to be one of the fastest growing economies. As such India offers opportunities for International Trade and Investments in the Composites sector.

ICERP - JEC Innovation Award program
Innovation is the key is to industrial progress and to encourage the innovations carried in the field of composites in India an innovation award programme was initiated in the year 2008. FRP Institute and JEC group, France jointly introduced “ ICERP-JEC Innovation Award Programme” during ICERP 2008. The Innovation Award Program encourages the Indian composite professionals and companies to focus their application of information, imagination, skill and initiative through which new ideas and processes are generated and converted into useful composite products or processes. This Innovation Award Programme gives the Indian composites professionals and companies great scope to create value to their customers and also brings recognition, not only in India but also internationally.

FRP Institute, India and the JEC Group, France decided to further widen the scope of the program with special emphasis on India. This program has been created to achieve the following:

  • Discover, promote, and reward the most innovative composite products and solutions made in India,
  • Encourage and enhance the visibility of Indian composites companies and their partners involved in innovative composites developments
  • Contribute to composite industry advancement.

The winners of the ICERP-JEC Innovation Award Programme will be presented a trophy and the Winners Certificate by JEC, France and FRP Institute. This ICERP-JEC Innovation Award Programme has created awareness in the Indian Composite Industry is evidenced by the fact that increased number of applications are being received form Indian companies in each edition as we progress from ICERP2008 to ICERP2013.

ICERP 2013 will provide an ideal opportunity for the Global Composites companies to expand business in India.