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ICME Conference 2020


The ICME Conference 2020, a HxGN LIVE event is a 3-days intensive online conference for executives, R&D, manufacturing professionals, engineers, and designers to learn, explore and share about Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) to enable companies to blur the boundaries between manufacturing, materials and part performance for the optimal design of innovative quality products. As a bonus, organizers also offer free workshops and introductory trainings as well on the following week.

Participants to this technical conference will listen to inspiring keynotes, thought specialists of the industries, presenters from material suppliers, Tiers and OEMs from around the world. During the event, e-Xstream material experts and sponsors will be at disposal. Participants can visit the dedicated event room and request for a live & online one-to-one meeting.

This year’s theme is “connect”
Connect manufacturing and product performance. The objective is to make the material and the corresponding transformation process as key design parameters aimed at optimizing the product performance and overall quality of the final product. This is enabled by Digimat multi-scale modeling capabilities and the ability to model the effect of the material microstructure, induced by the material microstructure, on the part performance. The manufacturing processes we will cover include injection molding, compressing molding, 3D printing, automatic fiber placement, curing, …

Connect the physical and virtual worlds
In the section we will show how to use surface or volume measurements to augment virtual engineering and make simulation more accurate and insightful. Optical or CT Scanning will be used to capture the actual, as manufactured, geometry and/or material micro-structure. This microstructure (e.g. Fiber orientation, porosity, defects, …) can then be used as an input for subsequent multi-scale modeling of the part performance.

Connect material suppliers & end users
The ultimate part performance can only be obtained by optimizing and connecting across disciplines (manufacturing, material, parts) and the ecosystem (material suppliers, part producers, OEMs, and technology providers). In this part we will see how ICME can leverage the eco-system for a better use of materials in product design.

This event will be held online on 6-8 October 2020 and the workshop sessions on 13-15 October 2020.