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International colloquium on composite materials

Belgium, Brussels

How carbon composites are revolutionizing our world !

In order to safeguard their competitiveness, more and more industries have incorporated a growing volume of carbon fibre-reinforced composites into their products.

Those materials, which combine unparalleled stiffness and strength with a low density, have moved up from the status of small-scale  laboratory products to the one of ideal materials for heavily loaded but lightweight structures.

Apart from space and military applications, four main industrial sectors have up to now been concerned with their use :

  1. The aeronautics industry, for instance with both the Airbus-350 and the Boeing-787, the structure of which is composed of composite materials up to more than 50 % ( in volume ), leading to an impressive weight reduction.
  2. The car manufacturing industry, where the use of carbon composites leads to significant weight reductions, increased performance and lower fuel consumption.
  3. The power industry, for instance wind mills, where 90 metres long turbine blades, made of composite materials, have to run for 25 years, often in extreme environmental conditions.
  4. And of course the sporting goods industry ( cycles, tennis rackets, skis, golf clubs, ... ) has become a ‘traditional’ user of composites, the performance of which has a beneficial effect on the athletes’ performance.

Will this trend go on ? With the emergence of new types of carbon reinforcements, namely graphene and carbon nanotubes, we may reasonably expect that it will be the case.

This colloquium intends to give you a state-of-the-art insight in the most recent developments and prospects in that field, thanks to high level specialists from European academia and world industry.

The event will take place on 18 November 2015, in Brussels, Belgium.