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International Conference Innovative Fibres & Textiles in the Automotive Interior

Germany, Wiesbaden

Sustainability-Energy Efficiency-Functionality- Leightweight & Recycling of fibres and textiles

Consumers nowadays are laying more emphasison the aesthetics and comfort part of an automobile, choosing one over the other; because the interior simply wasn't appealing or comfortable. Textiles and fibres play a major part in automotive concept and designwith benefits of cost and weight reduction, new developments in function as well as aesthetical considerations. Modern textiles offer new possibilities to interior designers. The range goes from radiant to self-cleaning fabrics to monitoring of body functions by sensing textiles in the seat and steering wheel. The current trend in textiles as far as automobiles are concerned, points at an increasing use of natural materials; materials that replace plastics, which are as much as 95% recyclable, and rigid and light as well. While the main emphasis of this conference will be on automotive interiors; sustainability, functionality and composites will all feature as well as rapid advances in smart textiles.

Further speakers will give insights into composites and lightweight materials, including 3D production technologies for carbon fibre-reinforced composites and the use of natural-fibre composites to reduce weight and costs.

The event will take place on 08-09 April 2014, in Wiesbaden, Germany.