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International Conference on Technical Textile and Non-woven

India, New Delhi

In recent years there is increased activity in the area of Technical Textiles and Nonwovens in India in terms of new industries being set up by Indian entrepreneurs and leading MNCs putting up manufacturing or out sourcing from India. There has been increased number of workshops and conferences held in this important upcoming area to spread the awareness.

The development of Technical Textiles industry is only possible in an environment that supports interdisciplinary networks between researchers, engineers, technicians and industries. This can be done by the re-engineering of a traditional textile company, by the integration of textile processes by a user company, for whom these new materials provide an improved solution compared to traditional materials. In this respect, there is a tremendous need for a common platform where experts from traditional textile industries, leading players in the current Technical Textiles industry, raw material manufactures, research organizations and academia can come together and discuss the current status of both domestic and global Technical Textiles and Nonwovens industry. The conference will benefit the industries which are looking forward to take advantage of the opened up global market and the research organizations and academic institutions to identify the areas to concentrate their R&D efforts and develop appropriate technology and products.

The conference will take palce on 6th - 8th November 2014, in New Delhi, India.