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International Glass Fiber Symposia

Germany, Aachen

The Institut fuer Textiltechnik and the In-stitute of Mineral Engineering, Depart-ment of Glass and Ceramic Composites, of the RWTH Aachen University are proud to welcome you to the International Glass Fiber Symposia 2012 which will be held in Aachen, Germany from October 16 -19, 2012.

Adaptation to the changing world around us can be enhanced only through the suc-cessful exchange of information. The International Glass Fiber Symposia covers the topic of nowadays glass fiber technologies in a comprehensive way.

The International Glass Fiber Symposia has attracted numerous scientists, chief executive officers, directors of associa-tions, R&D leaders, and academics pro-fessors.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to all delegates for responding to our call to attend the conference, as well as to the speakers and authors who ac-cepted to share their knowledge.
The response to our call for papers was excellent; oral contributions have been selected to be presented by authors from 15 countries.

Even if the technical presentations will be the heart of the conference, networking opportunities are part of the agenda. The International Glass Fiber Symposia will also allow the encounter of technical and marketing communities.