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Lightweight Design Summit 2019

Germany, Würzburg

The Automotive Industry Lightweight Design Summit is the top-level networking event for the pioneers of lightweight design in automotive construction. The Lightweight Design Summit offers an exchange of know-how – at the highest level, and with a focus on solutions.

Experts already know that lightweight design makes for better cars – particularly now, when we are designing the mobility of tomorrow. The new mobility will be driven far more by the demands of users, and lightweight design is seen as the enabler for this.

Lightweight design enables:

  • Better urban vehicles
  • Better luxury cars for long-distance driving
  • Better people movers
  • Better cargo movers
  • Better robot taxis

Lightweight design is not a technology that is a perfect fit for every application. Instead, its use is very much driven by the demands of the mobility concept in question.

The two-day event will use specialist lectures, sessions and live demonstrations to explore the key role that is played by lightweight design on the path to better cars. 

This event will take place on 26-27 March 2019 in Würzburg, Germany.