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METYX Third Composites Summit

Turkey, Istanbul

METYX Composites Summit is the most comprehensive event for high-performance composites in Turkey, amassing industry leaders from around the world. Led by the some of the composite industry's most respected and knowledgeable professionals, this year's summit promises to be our most prolific yet. It consists of a two-day Composites Conference followed by a three-day RTM School. Both parts were designed to provide the maximum amount of targeted content, including theory and hands-on practice. The goal is to teach, challenge, and inspire attendees. This year's Summit is not to be missed!
Who Should Attend:
The event is appropriate for new-comers to composites as well as those who want to maximize their current results with the latest proven industry techniques.
This year's presenters represent world renowned companies and institutions:
AR Engineers (Germany), Areva (France), Composite Integration (UK), Kreysler & Associates, Inc. (USA), METYX Composites (Turkey), METYX Composites Tooling Center (Turkey), MVC Solutions in Plastics (Brazil), Polin (Turkey), Scott Bader (UK), STRUCTeam (UK), TAI - Turkish Aerospace Industries, Inc. (Turkey), TCMA (Turkish Composites Manufacturers Association (Turkey), and Yonca-Onuk JV (Turkey).
Composites Conference Highlights (June 4-5, 2012):
    -Design and failure analysis on high-end composites
    -Development on carbon reinforced blade design, production, and test methods
    -Process control and best practices in vacuum assisted infusion
    -Composites in architectural applications
    -Developments in carbon reinforcements
    -Cycle time reduction through the use of material kits
    -State-of-the-art plug and mold production
    -Developments in RTM and use in transportation and agriculture
    -Benefits of RMT in the production of large components for outdoor applications
    -Developments in resin, adhesives, and gelcoat products
    -Use of high-end composites in aeronautical applications
    -Use of high-performance composites in sea going vessels
    -Design and manufacture of wind blades

RTM School Highlights (June 6-8, 2012):
This three-day RTM training will be led by Composite Integration, a METYX Composites partner. Composite Integration Ltd. provides practical technical support and consultancy in all aspects of closed mold processing. The targeted RTM content will include both theory and hands-on practice, covering the following content areas:
    -Component design for process
    -Pattern design and preparation
    -Mold construction
    -Calibration Wax
    -Mold sealing systems
    -Molded inserts
    -Injection materials
    -Release agents
    -Injection strategies
   -Injection equipment

 The submit will take place the 4-6 June 2012, in Istanbul, Turkey.