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Polymeric Composites Symposium and Exibition


Polymeric composite materials have been in use by humankind since the 20th century with their expanding production and application fields in various industries and daily use not only in Turkey but all around the world. Polymeric composite materials are the technological materials that will be shaping the future as well.

Sharing of information, relaying the gathered information into practice and discussing the problems encountered is of crucial importance for improvements in this field. However it is also obligatory to carry out scientific and technical activities for this purpose.

For this reason, with the coordination of the Aegean Region branch Chamber of Chemical Engineers has been organizing Symposia every two years (in general November), since 2006, involving the participation of respective industrialists and academia. In 2006, 'I. Polymeric Composites Symposium and Exhibition' has been carried out on a national level, and in 2008 “Polymeric Composites Symposium, Exhibition and Workshops (International Participation)” have been organized. In November 26-28, 2010, “Polymeric Composites Symposium – Exhibition – Brokerage Event' (International Participant) has been carried out at Tepekule Congress and Exhibition Center.

The main theme of the Symposium, the Trade Show and the Brokerage event has been set as “The Current State of Polymeric Composite Sector in the World and in Turkey and Suggestions for the Future and Sustainability”.

By stressing the importance and necessity of the field, we invite all the respective institutions and entities to contribute to the success and power of the event.


The 3rd International Polymeric Composites Symposium and Trade Show will take place in 9-11 November 2012 at Tepekule Congress and Exhibition Center.