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Quality in manufacturing fibre reinforced polymer materials

United Kingdom, Chesterfield

Fibre reinforced polymer composites (FRPs) are increasingly being used for different applications as a substitute for traditional materials due to multiple reason including their long performance life and low maintenance properties. It is therefore important that manufacturers meet the two principles in quality – that the materials are fit for purpose and that they get the production right first time.

Seven speakers from across Europe will come together to present their experiences at this event. The programme includes:

• A Review of Acceptance Criteria and Process Requirements Dennis Crowley, University of Bristol
• Quality in Volume Manufacturing – Creative Composites Ltd Ross Telford, Creative Composites
• Implications of Manufacturing Defects to the Design of Composite Parts Neil Appleton, PFG Technology
• Intelligent Process Monitoring of Fibre Reinforced Polymer Part Production Nikos Pantelelis, Synthesites, Greece
• Mechanical Testing of Composites in Quality Control and Commercial Development Peter Bailey, Instron
• Recent Advances in Quality Assessment for Manufacturing of FRPs: Test Methods and Standards Perspective Graham Sims/Bill Broughton, NPL
• FRP Assets – The End User’s Experience Simon Gyde & Michael Smith, Network Rail

Claire Whysall, Event and Network Manager at NetComposites states, “It is important for composite manufacturers to consider the implications of quality in their production procedures, not only to reduce costs by getting processes spot on first time, but to also increase the industry reputation as a whole and encourage more people to consider using FRP composite materials.”

The event will take place on 30 April in Chesterfield, United Kingdom.