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Ramspec Composites

Italy, Modena

The Association Octima, at the suggestion of its members, gave birth to the Exhibition-Congress Ramspec, biennial exhibition dedicated to the chemical, Modena 2/4 October 2014. Subsequently, it was decided to create Ramspec Composites, an "event within the event" dedicated to composite materials, that will take place simultaneously.

Ramspec Composites will feature Conferences and Presentatios of very high level, dedicated to the state of the art of composite materials.

Italy is known to be among the first users of transformers composite materials in Europe. It is a constantly evolving industry despite the difficult economic times. There are many sectors in which Italy is renowned, particularly Racing, Automotive, Aerospace, Boating/Marine, Photovoltaic,  etc.

The show reflects Italian  industry's increasing demand across a diverse range of sectors for harnessing the benefits of composites materials.

Ramspec Composites addresses the following industries: Automotive and Racing, Aerospace, Transportation by road and rail, Boat/Marine,  Offshore, Engineering, Building/Construction , Wind Energy, Photovoltaic, Sport and Leisure, Medical , Pipelines/ Tanks, Defense. It's going to be a showcase of the very latest in composites materials, moulding and processing equipment, trade processors and fabricators, design, simulation, test and automation partners and more.

The event will take place on 2-4 October 2014, in Modena, Italy.