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Germany, Erfurt

Rapid prototyping processes have contributed in the last few years to products being able to be developed and tested quicker, better and more cost effectively. Improved materials and processes do not only allow the manufacturing of prototypes today but also the direct manufacturing of products. Rapid manufacturing therefore opens up totally new possibilities.

To recognise and make the most of this potential you need knowledge of the processes and materials as well as the changed constraints. Rapid.Tech, which combines lectures from practice and presentations for practitioners perfectly, gives you a quick introduction to this topic. Therefore interested people from all industries use it as a way to rapid and intensive information.

The 11th Rapid.Tech 2014 will also communicate, further developments and disseminate this important topic for the future to almost all industries. In the process the organisers are again relying on the modified concept with more detailed and industry information for potential users. The Rapid.Tech trade fair offers visitors a superb opportunity to find out more about the status of technology in this dynamic industry and to directly establish contacts with potential partners.

The event will take place on 14-15 May 2014 in Erfurt, Germany.