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The road to excellence: Canada's Composite Industry

Canada, London

The global composite market is US$100 billion per year and has been growing at an annual rate of 6% since 1960.
There is strong domestic market pull from Canada’s internationally competitive aerospace, automotive, wind, construction and industrial sectors who are looking for light weight, high performance and “smart” materials.
A mature and diverse composite industry has been established in Canada, which is estimated to include 300 companies employing around 50,000 people.
Most of Canada’s composite companies are export-focused and sell their products throughout the world.

Come join Canada’s leaders as they meet in London Ontario to help shape Canada’s next generation of composite technologies and products.
Learn how Canadians are:

  • developing new, ”made-in-Canada”, nano-materials that will help transform future products (e.g. single walled carbon nanotubes, bio-based cellulose nanocrystals, and nanometals).
  • commercializing new resin systems that can reduce production costs and improve product performance and durability
  •  partnering with European companies and research institutes to introduce the next generation of low cost-high performance processing and automation technologies.
  •  creating “smart” composites for the automotive, construction and wind industries
  • forming university-industry partnerships that are leveraging the nation’s investment in research infrastructure to move ideas from lab to market.
  • developing new funding programs to help industry build receptor capacity in composites and advanced manufacturing technologies
  • facilitating research and product development partnerships between Canadian and European companies and research institutes.

This event will take place June 12-13 2013 in Sheraton Hotel, London, Ontario, Canada.