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China, Shanghai

SAMPE China Conference & Exhibition was set up in 2006 sponsored by SAMPE Beijing Chapter, SAMPE Shanghai Chapter and Materials Engineering Committee of Chinese Society of Aviation and Aeronautics (CSAA). So Far, the exhibition has become one of the largest scale, the most influenced event of SAMPE in Asia.

The SAMPE China 2012 was a big success in China World Trade Center, Beijing in October. The main workshop during 3 days including: SAMPE CHINA 12 Exhibition, SAMPE CHINA 12 Technical Conference, SAMPE CHINA Annual 12, Technology Course, Poster Session and The 4th SAMPE China Super Lightweight Composite Bridge/ Wing Student Contest.

As the most important platform for industry, academia, research, but also the carrier of advanced materials in particular advanced composite products and technology show, exchange, cooperation. SAMPE China 2012 Exhibition had the exhibiting area of 5,000 square meters, 15% increase over last year. Exhibitors came from China, the United States, Germany, France, Britain, Austria, Switzerland, Japan,Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries and regions, exhibiting advanced composites materials  structure, raw materials, manufacturing technology and processing equipment, design and testing, tools, material engineering and applications.

During the show, nearly 5,300 professional visitors from various countries and regions, came to visit the exhibition for marketing, purchase, and technical communication.

Total of 465 delegates attended the SAMPE CHINA 2012 Conference, participants mainly from domestic and foreign aviation, aerospace, defense, ships, high-speed trains, Automotive, wind energy and other production enterprises, research institutions and universities. General Assembly a total of 8 keynote presentations from China, USA, Australia, England, Netherland and Japan, 72 oral presentations.

As customary, SAMPE CHINA 2013 will move to the biggest city of China, Shanghai.

SAMPE CHINA 2013 are sincerely invite all the international exhibitors involving the advances composite materials, process engineering and applications to exhibit at the show, for products marketing, technical communication and collaboration.

The event will take place on 29-31 October 2013, in Shanghai, China.