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SAMPE Conference 2019 Nantes

France, Nantes

Sampe France and Sampe Europe organize Sampe Conference 2019 Nantes.

Airbus will give a three hours pre-conference tutorial “end-to-end repair. 

With the A350 entry into service and after several years of R&D in engineering, tooling, material and process, Airbus has developed new ways of thinking about composite repairs to answer customers’ needs.

The tutorial will go over concrete examples of out-of-autoclave bonded repair initiatives recently demonstrated such as: 

  • Fuselage composite spare panel, where tooling and manufacturing agility are put to test to meet fast shop requirements 
  • A350 full scale structural bonded repair embodiment, including end-to-end working party steps.”

A group of several Airbus experts specialized in repair will come on stage to inform you about their skills and experience on this topic.

6 composite related plant visits will be organized: 

  • Airbus Site de Nantes 
  • Airbus Technocentre, Cetim & IRT Jules Verne - Nantes
  • Airbus Site de St Nazaire
  • Multiplast - Vannes 
  • Beneteau - La Roche sur Yon 
  • GEBE2 - St Hilaire du Loulay & Yaskawa - Le Bignon

The conference will be announced soon.

The event will take place on 17-19 September 2019 in Nantes, France.