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SPE Thermoset Topcon 2012

Automotive & Road Transportation
Industrial Equipment
Railway Vehicles & Infrastructure
United States, San Antonio

The ever increasing quest for affordable sources of energy, combined with the thrust to use contemporary supplies more effectively, has changed global discourse as we know it. The opportunities associated with the advancement of these related, but discrete, goals are as substantial as they are significant.  The technologies by which we exploit and transfer oil and gas are in a constant state of essential innovation.  Automobiles are lightweighting, electrifying and greening.  Gas pumps are being joined by EV charging stations and smart power grids have become merged with government legislation, rather than environmentalists' abstraction.


The demands of the macro-market place are shifting.  Transportation, energy and electrical infrastructure interests are demanding the core strengths of thermosetting materials and the high quality components our processors yield.  Heat and corrosion resistant, lightweight structural dielectrics that provide design freedom and proven value generation...these are the vital characteristics thermoset technologies deliver.  Join us in San Antonio to learn more.