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SusPolyUrethane Conference 2013

Netherlands, Amsterdam

A vital conference updating the current state of play in improving the sustainability of the polyurethanes industry is being created by Urethanes Technology International magazine.

While primarily focussed on polyol manufacture, including biochemical technologies and natural-oil-based products, the conference programme will also aim to look at the possibilities of more sustainable manufacture of diisocyanates as well as more efficient processes for making polyurethanes and the use of scrap products.
Key themes of this conference will be:

  • Processes leading to pure basic building blocks, for further conversion into raw materials with reproducible properties;
  • Processes using various plant or animal sources to produce materials such as polyols with reliable characteristics; and
  • The use of scrap from current production systems to yield raw materials for further use in the polyurethanes sector.

Companies active in these areas will present the current status of their technologies, highlighting the commercial opportunities now opening up as polyurethane producers seek to improve their environmental sustainability by moving to the wider use of raw materials from renewable resources.


The event will take place 7-8 May in Amsterdam, Netherlands.