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Symposium on Automated Composites Manufacturing

Canada, Montreal

The first International Symposium on Automated Composites Manufacturing (ACM1) was held in Montreal in April 2013.

One hundred and twenty participants (both industry and academia) from eight countries participated into the Symposium. Different topics covering the study of process parameters for the automated manufacturing of thermoset composites, thermoplastic composites, the existence of laps and gaps and their effects on the final properties, the steering of fibers for the optimization of the performance of the structure, the different types of machine designs, the softwares for the controlling of the machines, and unique structures that can be made using automated fiber placement were presented.

Leading from the first Symposium, and following the trend toward more automation for the manufacturing of composite structures, the Second Symposium on Automated Composites Manufacturing (ACM2) is being organized.

Objective and topics:
The objective of this ACM2 is to provide a forum for presentation and discussion on the latest development in automated composites. The topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • Automated manufacturing of thermoset and thermoplastic composite structures
  • Automated dry fiber placement
  • Automated manufacturing of composite structures with complex shape
  • Fiber steering and variable stiffness composite structures
  • Materials and equipment
  • Process development and optimization
  • Mechanical performance of fiber placed composite structures
  • Software capabilities
  • Automated preforming, hot preforming, dry and prepregs
  • Automated RTM
  • Tooling for composite process automation
  • Composite manufacturing: trimming (CNC and Robotics), drilling and fastening
  • Automated Inspection and quality assurance
  • Modeling

This event will take place on April 23-24 in Montreal, Canada