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Thermosetting Resins Conference 2020

Germany, Berlin

The TRC2020 (Thermosetting Resins Conference) is an international conference focused on thermosetting resins. 

Thermosets are covalently bonded, 3D-crosslinked materials that can’t be melted by heating or dissolved completely by any solvents. This three-dimensional network is one surety for long term stability, no creeping and a lot of other outstanding properties. 

The Thermosetting Resins Conference 2020 focuses on the following topics: 

  • Chemistry and formulation of thermosetting resins including bio-based materials and non-toxic monomers 
  • Recyclable and reshapable thermosets, e.g. vitrimers 
  • Processing and application of thermosetting resins, e.g. 3D-printing, composites, alternative curing methods 
  • Characterization and properties of thermosets, e.g. FST-behaviour, toughness, (low) viscosity 
  • Modelling and simulation of thermosets, e.g. solubility parameters, processing 

The technical program will include plenary and parallel sessions as well as poster presentations. Furthermore, industry is invited to present their innovations in products and technics in a small industrial exhibition. 

The social program includes a welcome reception with opening of poster session as well as a conference dinner. 

This event will take place on 29 September to 1st October 2020 in Berlin, Germany.