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Wind Turbine Blade Manufacture

Renewable Energy
Germany, Düsseldorf

The 5th AMI international conference on Wind Turbine Blade Manufacture 2014 will take place from the 1st-3rd December 2014 at the Maritim Hotel in Düsseldorf, Germany, very conveniently situated at the international airport.  The event will start with an evening Welcome Cocktail Reception and exhibition on 1st December followed by a 2-day technical programme.

The wind energy markets are growing worldwide and this conference highlights the latest developments in windmill rotors for the maximum energy generation and reliability.  The industry is well-established from the pioneer plants in Denmark to the current massive offshore wind turbines that can each power a small town. Research on existing turbines is leading to improvements in design and materials to keep weight down, aid aerodynamics, enhance strength, reduce noise and minimise erosion. From the manufacturing side there is still a need for automation technology for these massive structures.   

Wind Turbine Blade Manufacture 2014 brings together energy companies, wind turbine producers, blade manufacturers, design engineers, composites manufacturing experts, researchers, developers, materials and equipment suppliers, to discuss the technology and economics of producing reliable year-round wind energy, focusing on the key component, the rotor.

The event will take place on 1-3 December 2014, in Düsseldorf, Germany.